Tuesday, June 16, 2009

marginalia 6.16.09: craig is away from the office today edition


Asobitech: Okay, I know we don’t normally post stuff like this, but this is badass. Basically, an aspiring nerd crammed the innards of an Acer netbook into the chassis of a European Super Nintendo. What really sells me on this is not just that the power button turns the computer on and off, but that he crammed a slot-loading DVD drive into a Super Mario World cartridge. Kudos.

Destructoid: Max Payne 3 is getting a new voice for its eponymous antihero. My vote? Gary Busey.

Destructoid: The faithful manchildren who preordered Ghostbusters got a call from Dan Aykroyd. What a mensch, eh?

Gamasutra: Blizzard and Microsoft top a list of best developers published by Game Developers magazine. I'm sure they have their reasons.

Joystiq: In a post nominally about Microsoft debunking the new Xbox hardware rumor that surfaced over the weekend, Joystiq manages both to fan the flames of that rumor while introducing further rumors. You get the feeling that they are enjoying this.

Joystiq: Word on the street is that the PSP is getting an App Store. Want to watch your Sony stock lose value? There’s an app for that.