Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marginalia 6.17.09

Game Culture:
Jason Rohrer plans on bringing "deep interactivity" to digital ad campaigns. He's been "signed," as it were, by an ad collective. Best of luck, Mr. Rohrer. I just hope you can still crank out the occasional game on the side.

GameDaily: Extralegal money practices may be the real reason we never got Duke Nukem Forever.

The Escapist: Do you miss local multiplayer as much as this guy?

Game Politics: Chalk another one up for those who think "game addiction" is a real thing. Yeah Judge James Burge, as a seventeen year-old I played a lot of Halo 3, and as a result I think that people just respawn when killed.

Joystiq: How many game developers does it take to research a game like Scribblenauts?

Gamasutra: Stardock wants you to switch to Windows 7 ASAP, and so do I.

Gamasutra: Brandon Sheffield has some thoughts on the new iPhone - is Apple taking too big a chance by making the new device more powerful than the old ones?

Destructoid: Former Factor 5 employees are suing the now-defunct developer of Lair and the Rogue Squadron series. I say they make room in the suit for anyone who's ever played Lair, ever.

Destructoid: Marvelous, publisher of cult-weirdo-psycho gems Killer 7 and No More Heroes is a tad worried that ten-miles-left-of-center developer Grasshoper might bankrupt the publisher with their new title. At least we'll have the blood-spraying wrist-slitting suicide girl to look back on.