Thursday, June 18, 2009

marginalia 6.18.09

oh noes GameDaily: I never thought I'd hear someone get upset about the Crackdown series. But apparently Microsoft has ruffled some feathers.

1UP: The next Madden game is offering a longer demo to gamers who preorder the title. Aren't demos supposed to be free?

GameSetWatch: Remember that indie Dreamcast shmup DUX? Interview get.

DailyTech: Blizzard wants to release StarCraft 2 in 2009, you know, if 2009 happens to be “when it’s ready.”

Destructoid: Take Two is wanting, hoping and praying to sell 5 million copies of Bioshock 2. The rest of us want, hope and pray it's any good.

Destructoid: The latest chapter in the dumbest gaming debate ever. Any more of this and I'm going to demand a Jets v. Sharks-style showdown.

Gamasutra: Research says "prosocial" games promote good behavior. I say: If you think World of Warcraft is making leigons of teens well-adjusted, you're out of your fucking mind.

Joystiq: Do review scores matter for Wii games? World of Goo dev 2D boy thinks so.

Joystiq: Apparently, the awkwardly titled Metroid Other M will be heavier on the story than past installments. Okay, I guess, as long as it’s a good game.

Gamasutra: An interesting interview on The Beatles Rock Band, with particular focus on the creation of the vocal harmony tracks.