Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marginalia: 6.2.09 – E3 Day #1 Blowout

electronicentertainmentexpo Overall, there’s simply been too much E3 news to keep up with, especially when we A) aren’t there and B) have non-game responsibilities during the day.  We can’t keep track of everything, but here’s what made it onto our radar.

The Keynotes

Most of today’s big news comes from the pressers.  Here’s some catch-all coverage we recommend:

1UP: The lowdown on Microsoft’s conference.

Joystiq: Some solid coverage of Nintendo’s event.  And blow-by-blow coverage of Ubisoft's keynote. We're jealous.

Gamasutra: Sony liveblog action.

The Highlights

Destructoid: It's a bit early to declare a winner for Weirdest Announcement, but screw it - here's Rob's nomination.

Destructoid: Kojima double-dips, presenting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP and PSP Go. If anyone can tell me what the shrieking hell "Peace Walker" means, you can have my editorship. (Oh yeah, and Sony confirmed the PSP Go - Gamasutra).

Destructoid: Between Project Natal and the Halo properties, it's pretty much agreed that Microsoft cleaned up at their keynote. How, and why, does Halo: ODST look so sweet?

Destructoid: Modern Warfare 2 positively swaggers. Check out this live demo and see what has us sweating with anticipation.

Destructoid: Sam Fisher emerges from the shadows. Check out this footage of Splinter Cell: Conviction and ask yourself if an angry man screaming "WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?" isn't just Jack Bauer, and if Ubi's prize title isn't just a better version of 24: The Game.

Joystiq: Are you dying for more Mario on Wii?  How about a sequel to Galaxy?  Or some side-scrolling multiplayer?  Oh wait, there’s more!  Another Mario RPG for the DS!

Joystiq: New Golden Sun game for the DS - this is the sequel to two relatively obscure but still passable RPGs that came out for the Game Boy Advance back in the day.

Joystiq: There’s a Metroid third-person action game coming from Team Ninja, responsible for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive games (hopefully they will not trade in the power suit for something like this).

Joystiq: Andrew’s vote for Stupidest Announcement: the Wii Vitality Sensor.  It's like they're actively trying to find the dumbest thing the blue ocean crowd will lap up. I cannot imagine anyone actually buying this.

Gamasutra: Sony’s lowering the prices on PSP development.

Gamasutra: Hope you’ve maxed out your FFXI character.  Final Fantasy XIV Online will be a PS3 exclusive MMO.

GameSpy: The second page of their Sony keynote coverage breaks down Sony’s Motion Tracking Wand tech demo.  I watched a stream of it.  It’s a glorified Wii remote with some impressive one-to-one tracking.  It falls somewhere in between Natal and the Wii.  My Failware sense is tingling.

1up: They showed off SOCOM-spiritual-successor MAG in some of its 256-player glory.

I’m having a hard time finding individual articles about some of Sony’s news.  But I watched the stream so I’ll just tell you.  The new God of War looks like a really pretty God of War game.  Lots of blood.  Some flashy combos.  It’ll be fun.  Also, plenty of racing news.  Gran Turismo 5 footage was shown.  Another GT game will come to the PSP.  They also revealed the Team ICO project’s name to be The Last Guardian.  And ModNation Racers looks like a mediocre hybrid of LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart.  Check out the above Gamasutra link for a more complete Sony rundown.