Monday, June 22, 2009

marginalia 6.22.09

invisible hoagie Industry Gamers: More backtracking from loose-lipped Microsoft execs.  "We're barely halfway through this generation," he says.  I hope so.  I've still got new 360 games to play.

Joystiq: To back up the above, the ever photogenic Steve Ballmer (right) says that no there is still no new Xbox please quit asking.

Gamasutra: Sony's been showing off their motion control Harry Potter wands to developers.

Eurogamer: Mortal Kombat Nine? Mortal Kombat NINE?

Destructoid: The latest Bioshock 2 viral marketing. Someone got paid to scribble with crayons.

Destructoid: Piss-myself-moment-of-the-day: Shia "The Beef" LaBeouf calling the Wii an "amateur" console.

Destructoid: Mass Effect downloadable content? Does this count as marketing?

Joystiq: The New Xbox Experience is apparently not the last Dashboard improvement we’ll be seeing before console’s end.