Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marginalia: 6.23.09

To game or not to game...Joystiq:  Games as Theater?  Games as Art!

Gamasutra:  Alyssa Finley continues to impressBioShock 2 is starting to sound like it will be just fine.

GameDaily: PlayStation execs are trying to convince us that people like PlayStation Home.

Gamasutra:  There’s some shifty marketing going on in the world of free-to-play Facebook games.  Is it any surprise that the games are about the Mafia?

1UP:  The guy behind the Tony Hawk Ride peripheral just said he “look[s] at it less as a peripheral, as more of a platform.”  I think he may literally be right.

GameSpot:  Penn and Teller plan on debunking some myths about games.  Like how GTA is worse than polio.

Destructoid: The US Army is using a 360 controller to operate an armored golf cart. Press X to win Afghanistan.

Destructoid: Suda 51 identifies the "middle audience" as crucial to Japanese business. What audience is crucial to Suda 51's business? I would suggest David Lynch fans and the violently schizophrenic.