Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marginalia 6.27.09

Kotaku: THQ is planning on breaking into the ridiculous peripheral market. I hope it's a motion-sensing sledgehammer for Guerrilla.

LA Times: Looks like Warner Bros. will be scooping up Midway. Fingers crossed for a Mortal Kombat vs. Looney Tunes multiplatform release.

1UP: I didn't even know we'd been promised an Aliens RPG and they're already taking it away?

Game Politics: Dennis Kucinich doesn't like the Virtual Army Experience. No word on whether his hot wife has an opinion or not.

Kotaku: PS3 owners can't access Hulu anymore. I think that means that someone, somewhere wants money for something.

Kotaku: Oh hey remember that Mass Effect DLC we were supposed to hear about? Keep waiting for that.