Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marginalia: 6.30.09 – More Cracks at Sony Edition

Sorry, Mario.  Your bride is in another castle. Gamasutra: This is the way of our industry. Begin rumblings of a possible 2009 release for your massively hyped and anticipated game, and almost immediately after start saying that there might be delays.

Joystiq: No, the lack of LAN support in Starcraft II is not an accident. The end of an era, this is.

Joystiq: Sony is just now getting around to patenting some software emulation for the Playstation 2. If they can emulate blast processing, then surely they can find a way to emulate the Emotion Engine.

Destructoid: Following suit with Duke Nukem Forever and Star Wars: Battlefront III, concept art has been released for the canceled Aliens RPG. Can we call this a trend, yet?

Destructoid: Looking for Rare? He's the wallflower by the punchbowl. Also, he's made of paper maché.

Destructoid: Charge Shot!!! is happy to contribute to publisher consternation. Take that, absurdly inflated retail prices.

1UP: The twenty-first prophet Michael Pachter believes the PS3 will overtake the 360’s global market share by 2015. That’s if we’re not all turned into wooden monkeys first.

GameDaily: Here’s a first: a game is leaked via someone’s wedding announcement. Someone claimed to be a “lead game designer for Fable III” in their NY Times announcement. Way to break the story, Old Gray Lady?

Joystiq: Welcome back to the PS3 Slim Rumor Mill. On today’s episode: Taiwanese manufacturers have received contracts to churn out PS3 Slims. Tune in tomorrow when a fully-formed PS3 Slim will burst forth from Kaz Hirai’s head.