Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marginalia 6.3.09 - E3, Day Two

Lots of hands-on time with games today. Check out Day Two's big headlines.

A trailer for the new 2D Mario for the Wii reveals more of the same, not that it is necessarily bad. Check the adorable penguin suit at 0:16.

Initial impressions of Wet, a third-person action game with a troubled will-they-or-won't-they relationship with its publishers.

A trailer and a US release date for the next Professor Layton game - August 24.

God of War III also looks like more of the same, but that doesn't mean people don't want to have impressions of it.

Mass Effect 2 is coming - don't worry! There will be lots of talking in this one, too.

Check out Brink, an FPS which takes place on a water-covered planet. Could this truly be the Waterworld game we've all been waiting for?

Here comes Left 4 Dead 2, and, as most of the other sequels on this list, initial impressions point to more of the same. Still, the randomly generated level stuff in particular would be a welcome addition.

Licensing restrictions are going to keep the Beatles Rock Band game and other Rock Band games completely separate, including downloadable songs. Damn you, Michael Jackson!

Perfect Dark is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. This will bring the grand total of good Perfect Dark games on the Xbox 360 to one.

Sony may have messed up when they said FFXIV was going to be a PS3-exclusive. At the very least, it's headed to PCs.

More details surface on Team ICO's The Last Guardian. Spoiler alert: this game will try to make you cry.

Does Dante's Inferno really need to adhere to its source material? Leigh Alexander thinks not.

Uncharted 2 joins the list of games featuring an annoying AI female companion.

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo taped himself holding, sliding, and fiddling with a PSP Go. Bonus: sliding it open turns it on. Way to figure out what cell phones have been doing for years, Sony.

BioWare is somehow convinced they can deliver a real story in an MMO. Didn't anyone pay attention to The Matrix Online's epic crash and burn?

Someone decided we needed a Smash Bros. game with Ninja Turtles characters. I can't tell if I should write that someone an angry letter or start saving my pennies for release day.