Thursday, June 4, 2009

marginalia 6.4.09 – e3, day three

another reason to buy a wii. they are slowly snowballing. My goodness, it’s finally over. This rush of news was a refreshing blast after the interminable trickle of leaks and trailers that escaped before the show started, but it’s very nearly a full-time job just to keep up, even watching from afar as we are. This is the last of our crazy E3 link roundups until next June – we hope you see something you like.

Destructoid: Crysis 2 will push the PS3 to its considerable limits. Wonder how Crytek plans to make it work on the 360?

Slate: An interesting look by Slate at E3 through the lens of the Recession.  Includes a goofy guy plugging "Augmented Reality."

Joystiq: Check this beautiful, spacey intro video for The Beatles: Rock Band. Unfortunately, the game will probably look just like Rock Band has looked for the last three years. Do yourself a favor and put on headphones for this one – I could be wrong but I believe that these tracks are sporting that long-overdue remastering we’ve been waiting for.

Destructoid: The thought of Molyneux accidentally making a pedophile simulator is somehow infinitely funny.

1up: SMB Wii continues to impress.  If only Nintendo could implement some accessible online multiplayer.

Joystiq: The Star Wars MMO will apparently change the way massively multiplayer games tell stories.

1up: Squeenix may not release their new action/adventure IP Nier in Japan.  Pick your jaw up off the floor.  It's true.

Joystiq: Wii Sports Resort showcases the enhancements of the Wii’s MotionPlus add-on.

Destructoid: Metal Gear Solid Arcade? What platform isn't Konami covering?

IGN: Microsoft's doing away with Xbox Originals, replacing it with Games on Demand service for retail 360 games.  Will I still be able to download Psychonauts when I have the time to play it?

Destructoid: Afrika would be really, really cool, if within five minutes of playing someone won't say "Boy, this would be awesome with guns," before turning to Far Cry 2.

Joystiq: Reports indicate that Darksiders is one to keep an eye on.

Destructoid: This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker trailer has plenty of walking, but little peace. The series' heavy-handed, megalomaniac rhetoric never fails to get a giggle out of us.

1up: A non-handheld Castlevania?  And Kojima's involved?  Have pigs started flying and I just haven't noticed?

Gamasutra: Denise Kaigler continues to brandish some cajones.

Joystiq: a boy and his blob successfully re-invents another ancient IP. Also, where are all the capital letters?

AP: E3 fan-favorite Brutal Legend is causing some legal hubbub.

Gamasutra: Valve explains their quick-sequel strategy. Absent: anything about Episode 3.

So, is it too soon to be thinking about next year’s E3? Well, no matter, it’s already been scheduled for June 15-17, 2010. Word on the street is that this year’s E3 was enjoyed by both the attendees and presenters alike, which means that the trade show should be able to put its troubled past behind it and continue on for years to come. Bring it on! And invite us, maybe?