Monday, June 8, 2009

marginalia 6.8.2009

Joystiq: Everybody, stop what you're doing and listen to Shigeru Miyamoto talk.

Joystiq: The remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver for the DS are compatible with a pedometer that will level up your Pokeymans while you walk. Finally, a good reason to run that half-marathon.

Joystiq: Microsoft releases a video showcasing its upcoming "Games on Demand" service. Quick-launching Mass Effect out of BioShock? Cool. But if I already own the disc, do I have to buy the game again?

New York Times: The NY Times finally discovered iPhone games. Get ready for an explosion of game sales in the app store.

Gamasutra: Brandon Sheffield explores the lessons developers can learn from the cutthroat world of the iPhone app store.

Destructoid: Team Fortress 2 meets Goodnight Moon.

Destructoid: Remember Warren Spector? We do. Greatness recedes, but doesn't disappear - we hope.

Destructoid: 13,000 people have useless gripes about Left 4 Dead 2. Is there anything with less power than an Internet petition?