Sunday, June 7, 2009

pod shot: e3 2009


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We apologize for our conspicuous absence last Sunday, but we have taken steps to implement some redundancy in our recording method, and this will ensure that when we think we’re recording a podcast, we’ll actually be recording a podcast. Actually it’s a lot less mysterious than all that, but I wanted to sound smart.

We’ve already said plenty about E3 this year, and while there is a lot to discuss, we can almost promise you that this nearly hour-and-twenty-minute-long podcast will be our last words on the subject.

Craig and I, less Rob, do our best to cover the high and low points of Microsoft’s, Sony’s and Nintendo’s conferences, talking about all the games and new technology introduced on those big stages. We also discuss quite a few third-party games, and the Theme for this year’s E3: Sequels. Want to know more? Download now, if you please.

Music this week is the ending theme from the original Legend of Zelda. There is something endearing about these simple, early NES tunes that the bombastic movie score music in current games can’t reproduce.