Sunday, June 14, 2009

pod shot: game journalism

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Rob makes his dazzling return this week in a podcast about game journalism. We try to point out some of the problems inherent to the profession, and to do so in a measured, intelligent way. We have a lot of bad things to say about a lot of publications and people. Let the hate mail commence.

You may have noticed some new talking points creep into the podcast around the seventh one or so – in that one, we started talking about what we’ve been playing recently. In this one, based on how well we thought our E3 podcast went, and in an effort to seem With It, we begin bringing a current news item apiece to the figurative table and having a short discussion before diving into the topic at hand. The would love your opinion.

Music this week is Spark Man’s level theme from Mega Man 3 – I feel a little bad for double dipping (the Mega Man 3 introduction was our first podcast’s lead-in tune), but quite honestly I could use the game half a dozen more times and not run out of good music. Mega Man 3 had a more fleshed-out sound than did its predecessor, though some would argue that the previous game’s music was superior. It is a shining example of the effort put into many of these old game tracks - composers used the NES’s beeps and bloops to make densely layered music, sometimes Baroque in its complexity. Enjoy.