Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Star Wars related news draws Boivin out of hiding

Hey howdy hey, Charge Shooters!!! Remember me? Probably not as I haven't posted in nary a month or two. Sorry about that, I've been busy graduating from college and now I'm busy not having a job. As per my official Charge Shot!!! bio I plan on avoiding destitution by marrying up in society. My initial design is to sell all of my stock holdings and use the proceeds to buy a tuxedo which I will use to attend all the swankiest parties in Europe with an eye to wed a rich heiress. I have my eyes set on Princess Beatrice of York for the time being; wish me luck!

Anyways, what I really want to talk about today is the super-duper badass trailer for the Old Republic, the soon-to-be-released Star Wars MMORPG. Now, as any Star Warrior or massively multiplayer online roleplayer could tell you, Star Wars has had a rough go in the MMORPG arena, Galaxies...leaving something to be desired for lack of a better term. But Lucasarts is assuring us that this one will kick a significantly larger amount of ass. Firstly, by being an all around better game, and secondly by setting it in the pre-prequel "Old Republic" era, a couple thousand years before the Battle of Yavin (that's A New Hope for those of you who for some reason don't have a working knowledge of Star Wars chronology).

The new trailer promises oodles of awesome lightsaber combat and Force powers (but considering it's an MMO, these might not come across in the same way they did in say the Force Unleashed). It looks pretty cool but I have a few questions for the developers.

1) Did you really have to give your Sith baddie a Vader-esque breathing mask? Are you really that keen on making people think how much cooler Vader is whenever they see this d-bag?

2) An armored bounty hunter character with a jetpack and a flamethrower? We've seen this stock character in the Galaxy Far, Far Away before. Twice. And then some.

3) How many times can the Sith take revenge? This seems to be the only thing these dudes are ever concerned with. Could you please come up with something of a more original plot for this game? Or would you prefer to follow the Lucas model and just rehash the same ideas that made you small moon-sized piles of money in the past?

The trailer makes me excited for the game, that's for sure. But like many E3 trailers, I'm left wanting some gameplay footage and not just promises that there will be some Jedi vs. Sith throwdowns involved (Lightsaber fights? In a Star Wars game? Surely you're pulling my leg...). Also, if Bioware is smart, you'll be able to use a lightsaber from the start, unlike in the KOTOR series where you had to get through about 4 and a half hours of gameplay until you remember you're a Jedi or whatever.

Here's the trailer, you be the judge. Boivin out.