Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marginalia 7.1.09

: Ian Bogost provides an offbeat take on all the motion control hullabaloo.

YouTube: The first five minutes of a documentary about creepy Chris Crawford and Charge Shot!!! darling Jason Rohrer. I think it says something that the music from Passage still causes my stomach to clench.

NY Times: Mr. Schiesel sheds some light on Tiger Woods the Gamer. Anybody else see him school Jimmy Fallon in Tiger Woods '10 the other night? No? Oh, that's right. Nobody watches Jimmy Fallon.

Joystiq: Hee hee, shamon - Battlefield Heroes is getting some Michael Jackson outfits. For free.

Kotaku: Xbox 360's implementation gets a price point.

Media Post: Microsoft Silverlight on the Xbox 360 could lead to Web-style banner ads. If Microsoft tacks ads onto its already $50-a-year Xbox Live Gold membership, are we allowed to rebel?

Destructoid: Fortune-teller Micheal Pachter looks into his crystal ball and says mobile phone apps are a passing fad.

Destructoid: Two guys robbed a cargo truck containing 1,300 360s. Um, sweet?