Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marginalia: 7.11.09 – Would You Like A Slurpee? Edition

7-eleven 1UP: Miyamoto actually admits that prior Mario experience will help you to beat enjoy Mario Galaxy 2.  No easy button on this one, folks.

Gamasutra: Tom Cross isn’t convinced that the current crop of “emergent” narratives aren’t all that special.  I’m not sure I agree with him, but it’s always interesting to hear a well-spoken dissenting voice.

Pocketgamer: Want to sell iPhone games? Best make it cheap. Real cheap.

Touch Arcade: EA’s now targeting the iPhone with a studio named “8lb Gorilla",” and it starts with a game called Zombies & Me.  Indie developers, prepare to have your realm invaded.

1UP:  Fresh on the heels of recording our upcoming “Reboots” podcast, I see someone may be planning another Tomb Raider reboot.  It will feature an “island…alive…with weather.”  Oooooh, scary.

Gamepolitics: Kenneth the page Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has just signed a bill into law that will give game developers in the state tax breaks. Now where will the state get money for volcano monitoring?