Monday, July 13, 2009

marginalia 7.13.09

CRAIG GETTING THIS IS YOUR LIFE Slate:  Microsoft's new "learn-how-to-program" game Kodu isn't just for kids, argues Chris Wilson.

Wired:  A look at some girl-targeted games and how they could be just as bad as GTA can be for boys.  My favorite line is about a game called My Boyfriend: "What it teaches girls: You are incomplete without a man, or at least a digital replica of one."

Gamasutra: If you're in London, and you like games enough to read this site regularly, you may want to check out the London Games Festival this October.  No word yet on whether or not all booths will close in afternoon for High Tea.

Destructoid: Ken Levine lost a girlfriend to videogames? Surely not!

Destructoid: Prototype sales blow past those of near-replica inFamous, which may/may not be due to the fact that the former was, um, cross-platform.

Gamasutra: Like numbers? How's this: Battlefield 1943 players have thus far logged 29.45 years of gameplay. Surreal.

That Penn and Teller thing about video games is up on YouTube at the moment. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hear it’s a pretty good watch.

Joystiq: Dragon Quest IX is selling like, well, Dragon Quest in Japan. Bring it over here so I can buy the 2,343,441st copy.