Thursday, July 16, 2009

marginalia 7.16.09: late night edition!

luxeed_keyboard_black 1UP: Japanese game composers are unimpressed with Western game music, citing lack of heart or catchy melodies.  Have they not heard the Halo theme?

Gamasutra: A defense of the keyboard as a game controller.

GameDaily: In an effort to curb PSN identity theft, Sony is falling back on advice from the AOL era: "Never give your password to anyone. EVER."

Destructoid: Flower dev says games need emotionally mature content, not just explicit "mature" content. I say: is there no compromise?

Destructoid: Someone ported Portal to the iPhone? I'm somehow dubious.

Destructoid: Apparently, Wii shooter The Conduit is exceedingly vulnerable to h@x0r5. Maybe someone can hack some decent graphics into the code?