Friday, July 17, 2009

Marginalia: 7.17.09 – Late Night Edition Redux

It's so late, but I have to update my "I like Honey and I hope you do, too" Blog. Joystiq: Indie artists rejoice! You'll be able to get your tracks into Rock Band with some interesting development tools coming down the pike.

Videogamer: Denis Dyack, the guy who thinks we should only have one game console, also thinks developers are making too many games, more than consumers can ever possibly play. True, maybe, but consider also that there's more of every kind of media than consumers can possibly experience. That's how competition works. Don't just release one game in a month - release one hundred games, and we'll play the best one.

Joystiq: Some details on what will (and won't) be in the next Xbox Dashboard update.

GameDaily: Microsoft’s Shane Kim professes that we will most likely see an Xbox-brand portable one day.  Sure, and Square will redevelop a relationship with Ninten..—oops.

Gamespot: Microsoft plans to cut out the middle man.  Be on the lookout for Microsoft stores this fall.

1UP: Videogame sales in June broke some kind of record.  Not the good kind of record.