Monday, July 20, 2009

marginalia 7.20.09

shaq fu was better Kotaku: Valve's Gabe Newell dreams of a world where gamers will help finance game development.  I mean, I'll give a few bucks to Half-Life 3's development if it means I get a free copy and a slice of the profit pie - but I don't think that's how it would work.

GameDaily: President Obama again implored parents to "put away the Xbox" sometimes and keep their kids from becoming zombies.  The wrinkle this time round is that Microsoft publicly issued a statement agreeing with the Parent-in-Chief.

1UP: Remember Midway?  Remember NBA JamApparently there was a proposal to put a goofy Mortal Kombat-themed court in the arcade basketball title.  Sigh.  I would've enjoyed that.

Giant Bomb: I want you to be as excited about Shadow Complex as I am.  Not because it's based off Orson Scott Card's bizarrely right-wing novel Empire, but because it looks damn good.

Destructoid: A surreal essay from the perspective of one who has been rolled up into a ball and atomized into a star.

Destructoid: I don't care what Will Wright is saying; what the fuck is he wearing?

Gamasutra: Ken Levine says Bioshock 2 will bear the unique culture and mentality of 2K Marin. Which begs the question: do these people sleep in diving suits?

Joystiq: Wanna see some new Xbox update stuff before everyone else? Get in line. No, really, get in line.