Thursday, July 2, 2009

marginalia 7.2.09

wut indeed Ars Technica: There are plans for an Asteroids movie? I hope they also decide to re-imagine Pac Man as a procedural crime drama.

Joystiq: A PSP without a disc drive was apparently in the cards all along. Note: in this discussion, “all along” means “since the UMD tanked and everybody hated it.”

Joystiq: Oh hey lookit another Square Enix teaser countdown revealed another goddamn Final Fantasy game. Color me surprised. Note: in this discussion, “suprised” means “not very surprised really.”

GameDaily:  People in Japan are looking past the promise of Natal and into the future.  Maybe that's just because they don't like Microsoft.

Gamasutra:  If you have no plans for the rest of the day, curl up with John Harris' design-centric retrospective on 20 essential RPGs.