Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marginalia: 7.21.09

Weezer Gamasutra: Julian Wera talks about industry PR - how it goes, how it could be improved. I know! More free stuff.

Destructoid: Sony is so ahead of the curve, their motion control is...just like everyone else's. And unproven, to boot. Chalk one up for megalomaniacal PR.

Destructoid: Pandemic's interesting new shooter The Saboteur just got dated for Dec. 8. My wallet screams anew.

Joystiq: You heard it here eventually! Xbox dashboard update hits August 11.

Gamasutra: I know this is the same story I just linked, but let's talk about "co-op Netflix watching." I think it might be more difficult for Team Suck to watch an Adam Sandler movie than it was to make it through Resident Evil 5.

Kotaku: Boivin, look over here! 8-bit Weezer!

1UP: Andrew, look over here! More info regarding Beatles Rock Band

CNET: The guy in charge of reprimanding idiots on Xbox Live looks like he might be imposing in real life, too.  Who knew?  Here, he discusses the challenges he faces moderating the community, including keeping his team up to date on the latest slang from Urban Dictionary.