Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marginalia 7.22.09

Kotaku: Sam Raimi to direct a Warcraft movie. Can we please stop tackling big franchises until we've learned to make not-piss-poor movies out of games?

1UP: In case you were worried, there will be a tie-in game for the upcoming adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. Maurice Sendak better have a design credit on this stupid idea. It would make it slightly less stupid.

LA Times: To argue that there's a correlation between car surfing and videogames because the “increase in injuries corresponded to the release of the Grand Theft Auto video games" is sensationalism. They did well to actually mention Jackass and YouTube, but I don't even think you can car surf (or "ghost ride the whip") in a GTA game. No, wait, I'm wrong.

Joystiq: Insomniac sez: sure, we're fine with releasing our games to compete with the other five hundred games coming out between October and December! Will no one ever learn.

Joystiq: The ESA is suing the Chicago Transit Authority for discriminating against game advertising. I've seen some graffiti on those trains that makes Grand Theft Auto ads look like child's play.

Joystiq: Remember when they added the safe, familiar Call of Duty moniker back to the upcoming Modern Warfare 2? Looks like it worked.

Destructoid: I had a suspicion the peripheral/gun Novint Falcon was worth investigating; Destructoid agrees.