Friday, July 24, 2009

Marginalia: 7.24.09

fresh-apple1233606650 Destructoid: Watch 2K use a stupid fruit metaphor to describe their upcoming RPG/shooter Borderlands. Don't let it sully your opinion, though. This game looks shit-hot.

Destructoid: I'd say how unsettling and perverse it is to love a pillow, but I have the emotional life of a Marlboro butt; suffice it to say, this is really fucking strange.

Gamasutra: Band Hero gives us a new way to annoy people on airplanes - a drum peripheral!

1UP:  Activision’s getting in on the old-school adventure rerelease action.  As retro adventure gaming continues to gain steam (pun intended), I can’t help but reiterate: LucasArts where’s my Full Throttle?

Industry Gamers: Epic Games VP Mark Rein confesses that developing for the Wii would be a waste of their time.  I have to give props to a developer who admits their limits; it wouldn’t make sense for the people trying to push the bar technologically to design for Nintendo’s party machine.

Joystiq: Remember that Peter Jackson Halo project that just kept getting delayed and delayed?  Yeah, it ain’t happening.

Crispy Gamer: Used games, despite pissing off a lot of publishers, may help increase aggregate demand.  It may not be proven, but it’s an interesting theory.