Saturday, July 25, 2009

Marginalia 7.25.09

: An overview of Netflix Party Play, which some are referring to as "MST3k mode."

Gamasutra: Rumor has it that Bungie is this close to finishing out the Halo franchise and starting to do something else. Rumor also has it that as soon as one of their new games flops, they'll come running back to the franchise with their tail between their legs.

Gamastura: Xbox Live Indie Games are given price points more attuned to the relative quality of the games available on the service.

Joystiq: Scribblenauts is getting some of the attention it so sorely deserves. This game could end up being quite a Big Deal...

Destructoid: Bungie says Microsoft's waggle-tech Natal won't work with Halo. But it will, for one reason only: teabagging.

Destructoid: Nintendo gives us yet one more reason to vomit.