Thursday, July 9, 2009

marginalia 7.9.09

NO MORE BARBIE HORSE ADVENTURES FOR YOU GameSpy:  And another franchise gets a major reboot.  MechWarrior will be lumbering onto shelves sometime in the near future.

GameDaily: Activision is delaying some game called Singularity because some game called Modern Warfare 2 is coming out. Get ready for more Angry Teen Youtube videos.  Check out the "GameDr," a timer that parents can configure to shut off consoles after a predetermined period of play.  Looks like we'll take more gadgets over hands-on parenting any day of the week.

Destructoid: Command & Conquer 4 announced. They must have heard my bitching.

Gamasutra: Come on, people. How hard is it to release functional DLC?

Joystiq: The Modern Warfare franchise isn’t ready to ditch the safety of the Call of Duty brand just yet.