Saturday, August 8, 2009

Afternoon Snack: This Is The Only Level

Just get the little elephant to the pipe at the bottom. If there’s one thing browser games do well, it’s turn quirkiness into fun.  Weirdness may not be sustainable over hours and hours of play (see all the Katamari sequels) but can be delightful in five-minute spurts.

Today’s offbeat recommendation comes courtesy of  Armor Games.  The title of This Is The Only Level is kind of a lie.  In reality, it’s one level divided up into a number of stages.  The goal of each stage is the same: navigate your little elephant to the exit pipe.  And each stage looks identical to the one before it.  All of the similarities are purposefully deceiving.

What makes it interesting are the metagame wrinkles that change with each stage.  Your only clues as to what’s changed is the stage’s title and occasionally changes in the level’s color scheme.  You may be asked to use a different control scheme or even manipulate your web browser.  It’s all underscored by a goofy music track that fits perfectly with the little elephant’s travails. 

I completed the game in just under ten minutes, which is just about how long I wanted to play it anyway.  I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t give this one even a few minutes of your afternoon.