Wednesday, August 19, 2009

B-b-b-b-b-BREAKING NEWS: PS3 Slim on the way Sept. 1

Goddamn I want this game so bad. You heard the rumors.  You saw the Korean manufacturing orders.  You read about Kmart’s price drop claims.  Yesterday, finally, Sony came clean and admitted revealed the new PS3 Slim – and, oh yeah, it’ll be available on the First of September.

I first saw the reports on Twitter.  Then I watched the announcement video (courtesy 1UP) from Sony’s German GamesCom conference, followed by 1UP’s unboxing video, which shows a machine only marginally smaller than its predecessor.  But apparently “marginally smaller” is cause for another price drop to $299.99.  A quick Amazon search confirmed that all current PS3s now retail at the Slim’s price point.  I believe the kids call that a fire sale.

Gamasutra spoke with Sony’s Eric Lempel, who reiterated Sony’s “30 percent slimmer, 30 percent lighter and uses 30 percent less power” motto for the Slim.  Hopefully, all of the trimming really did cut down on production costs. 

A few things about this move strike me as genius (other than the whole “finally deciding to sell their console at a competitive price” thing).  A week after the new console drops, so too will the LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition.  Gamers generally enjoy being told what to buy and labeling something as a Game of the Year can help in that department.  Uncharted 2 is also on the way, as well as a new Ratchet & Clank.  Then there’s the bloodthirsty elephant in the room, God of War 3, due out next spring.  There’s a good chance the opportunity to walk once more in Kratos’ gray-matter-splattered shoes will move plenty of the cheaper Slims.

Oh yeah, and I can now upgrade my chances of playing The Last Guardian (see heart-melting trailer) from “Impossible” to “Only If I Get Another Great Tax Return.”