Friday, August 14, 2009

Marginalia: 8.14.09

This carriage is so fun to drive! GameSetWatch: So a flipbook app is going to deepen “the relationship between Nintendo's game consoles and the Internet”?  Wake me up when that happens.

1UP: We at Charge Shot!!! played quite a bit of Quake Live a few months ago.  You can, too – even if you don’t use Windows!

1UP: Another studio shutters its doors.  And I thought the economy had bottomed out already….

Giant Bomb: We generally don’t publicize straight up game promotion, but I think people should probably pay attention when the company that invented the modern FPS makes a new game.  (ProTip: check out the Big Daddy huge monster circa 1:17).

The News Messenger: A public library in Ohio will offer an afternoon session of gaming next week.  I assume someone thought that kids who play Mario Kart want to read books about driving.