Monday, August 17, 2009

Marginalia: 8.17.09 – No We’re Not Giving Up On Games Edition

Oven Fail. 1UP:  So Starcraft II got delayed.  But check out all this and tell me it’s not a good idea that Blizzard’s leaving it in the oven ‘til it’s ready. (Seriously, single-player units that would break multiplayer?  At least they’re aware of the crazy shit they’re designing.)

Gamasutra:  Goofy patent alert!  Sony recently filed a patent for some kind of “laugh detector,” which would “collect a user’s emotional output -- such as laughter, a smile, or a yawn…”  Also, Sony’s patent artists should be a little more sensitive.  Being penetrated by a wheel of shoes is no laughing matter.

GameSpot:  Hold the phone.  Sony filed a second crazy patent?  This time for a “deformable device”?  I presume they mean a stress-ball equivalent to the gloves in Minority Report.

GameDaily:  In Project Natal news, a design director from Rare has hinted at the possibility of classic Rare IPs finding their way to Microsoft’s camera-toy. 

1UP:  In his QuakeCon keynote, John Carmack announced that a premium subscription option would be added to Quake Live.  Apparently scattering fuzzy Dell ads throughout the levels wasn’t paying the bills.