Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marginalia: 8.18.09

felicia day Gamasutra: The people who run EVE Online have plans to release a console MMO that will be part of the same universe, allowing for FPS ground battles. A cool idea, for sure, but I’m still put off by EVE Online’s whole council of elders thing.

G4 TV: Later this year, you’ll be able to play Earthworm Jim on your next generation consoles.

1UP: Kmart’s hopping on the PS3 Slim bandwagon.

Joystiq: Spinoff’s of Will Wright’s Penis Monsters Spore are on their way to the Wii and DS.

Joystiq: This week is your last chance to play 1 vs 100! Microsoft really wants you to try it. They’re even rolling out Felicia Day!

Daily Tech: At long last, the PS3 we should have had three years ago.