Monday, August 24, 2009

marginalia 8.24.09: yes i know it is pretty late, but i can always timestamp it as having been posted at 6:00pm and look like i am more on the ball edition

birth of the old school Game Music 4 All:  An interview with the people behind the Kind of Bloop, a suprisingly good 8-bit remix of the seminal Miles Davis album.

Variety: Plans for a BioShock movie continue to surface.  I'm currently taking bets on how swiftly the themes of free will and the illusion of choice fall by the wayside as people get all excited about who plays the Big Daddies.

Supersite for Windows: Microsoft fails to deny a 54.2% lifetime failure rate for the Xbox 360, stating ambiguously that their generous warranty is enough to keep their customers happy. Tell that to the guy with the eleven duds.

Joystiq: Someone is asking you if you’d be willing to pay for future seasons of 1 vs. 100 Live. If you listen closely, you can dimly hear the sound of no one being surprised.

Joystiq: What no we didn’t cut the price of the PS3 because of the staggering demand for it you guys no way that is crazy you are crazy with your crazy talk. What? No, yeah. No.