Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marginalia: 8.25.09

"But I only have 100 more hours to play until my death knight reaches level 80!" GameSpot:  Leaked advertising materials are telegraphing a Xbox 360 price cut.  The Pro (which is going the way of the Dodo) will drop to $249 and the Elite to its new $299 home.

Gamasutra:  After learning that trolling for Nintendo patents can yield hilarious results, people have begun combing the Internet regularly for weird new patents (really, you want people throwing a fake football in front of their TVs?) from the Japanese giant.

Destructoid:  People should stop ragging solely on JRPGs when complaining about game length.  BioWare’s upcoming epic Dragon Age: Origins is purported to have 120 hours of content.

GameSpot:  Finally, new Mass Effect DLC hits the Xbox Live Marketplace.  This is no surprise after months of Twittering and rumors, but it’s nice to see BioWare deliver.

GameSpot:  Someone opened an Internet/game addiction center in Washington state.  Sounds a little expensive, but it might be worth it for one of those “high adventure outings.”