Monday, August 3, 2009

marginalia 8.3.09

mark zuckerberg is watching. and being sort of a douche. GameSpot: Rob, prepare yourself for more hot plane-on-plane action, more Crimson Skies in the works.

Gamasutra: The developers of Brink are out to rid the world of separate single/multiplayer executables in games.  Good luck, gentleman.  You'll need it.

Joystiq: Some video coverage of the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard Update. One of the best new features for folks with tiny hard drives is that, apparently, it greatly reduces the size of hard drive installs.

Gamasutra: Facebook is coming to the DSi. Facebook will soon be on as many platforms as Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Game Politics: Remember when people said Resident Evil 5 was racist because there were black zombies in Africa? Well, now Left 4 Dead 2 is racist because there are black zombies in New Orleans, even though two of your protagonists are also black. One of the writers is, appropriately, calling shenanigans.