Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marginalia: 8.4.09

WANT  Joystiq:  Rumors about rumors about an Apple tablet device (think oversized iPhone) continue to fly.  Now people are saying it was conceived as a gaming platform.  Hey, playing games on a 10” touchscreen would definitely be better than the iPhone’s 3.5” screen.

1UP:  The president of LucasArts just hinted about future plans for the X-Wing/TIE Fighter franchise.  As this spaceflight-sim consumed many hours of my childhood, I am, how do you say, quite excited.

Giant Bomb: I tweeted about this over the weekend, but it was just too funny not to link it.  The Matrix Online shut down this weekend, and some guys from Giant Bomb were jacked in for the final moments.

Gamasutra: Valve plans to release some Left 4 Dead DLC this September.  The goal of the “Crash Course” update is designed to deliver a complete Versus round in 30-minutes.  Here’s the bad news: it will be free on PC and $7 on Xbox Live.  Amidst his straight-up reporting, Chris Remo attempts to shed some light on why that’s Microsoft’s fault not Valve’s.

Joystiq: Square-Enix will be excluding conventional experience points and leveling from their next MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.  An MMO without experience points?  But how will I know if my 28-hour marathon raid session paid off?

Gamasutra: Programmer Jeff Ward crunches some numbers and comes up with an almost foregone conclusion: making a living off indie games is hard.