Saturday, August 15, 2009

may 2009: month in review

i believe they are a-mayingHonestly, who can remember anything that happened in May? As with anything, each additional month of Charge Shot!!! is a little less special than the last. It’s not that we didn’t do some quality work, because we did, but after you get past six months or so, the passing of another month is nothing deserving celebration.

Still! These month-in-review posts are good opportunities to gather highlights together for new readers. We are still getting new readers, right? Right.

Craig kicked off May in spectacular form, writing about the mutation of the first-person perspective in games and then coming back a week later with a thorough examination of the PopCap phenomenon. Continuing in this thoughtful vein, he criticized Microsoft’s decision to celebrate Memorial day using games about killing people. A post about the Red Faction: Guerilla multiplayer demo rounded out his month, along with his continuing Audiosurf Radio coverage and a single entry in his online Starcraft odyssey.

Rob began his month by lamenting Grand Theft Auto’s transformation from superfun kill-fest to something more muted and thoughtful. He also had an intriguing look at gamer archetypes, wondering how any of us find the time, and another post roundly criticized E3. Most of his other posts came in pairs – two about Battlestations: Pacific’s handling of the Pacific Theater of World War II, and another two about Valve, one about Team Fortress 2 and another about Valve treating games as gifts. Also, suck it, Charlie Barratt.

After reading Rob’s piece about Valve’s supposed generosity, I tore it to shreds with my own piece about how business is business. Apart from that and my weekly Demo Monday posts, I talked about the potential of the PSP Go! and my love of Ticket to Ride.

So that stuff’s all pretty okay I guess. As always, our daily news round-up posts and weekly podcasts just about round out the month. We think we’re doing a pretty okay job – what do you think? You should email us or something. You never email.