Sunday, August 16, 2009

pod shot: an inflatable air cushion or other type seat

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In our second week as a mostly current events-focused podcast, you can tell we’re getting more comfortable because this one is like an hour and five minutes long. Sorry?

This week, we cover the recent Xbox Dashboard update (including its egregious decision to charge for Avatar accessories), a goofy patent filing by Nintendo for some sort of Wii saddle (pictured), Free Radical’s newest offshoot studio (Zinkyzonk), and interesting but possibly horrifying voicework middleware. We just know you’re going to think it is great.

Music this week is another tune from Mega Man 3, which is proving to be my go-to game when I can’t think of a tune to use right off the top of my head. This one is the underrated tune playing during the first Wily levels – it’s not Mega Man 2 music, but it’s got a neat thing going on. See you next week!