Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google Chrome 3.0

chromeEverybody’s second or third favorite Web browser got an update yesterday in the form of Google Chrome 3.0, marking the browser’s third major release since its introduction just over a year ago.

Major features in this release include speed increases, a redesigned New Tab page, some HTML 5 support, some Gmail-esque themes, and tweaks to the don’t-call-it-an-address-bar Omnibox. I’d like to tweak her Omnibox.

For all of that, the browser looks, feels and runs pretty much like it has since the initial release. The cynic in me would suggest that Google’s rapid-fire release schedule for Chrome exists for the same reason that the company finally removed the Beta tag from Gmail earlier this summer – to increase their appeal among people nervous about anything resembling a new, unestablished, bleeding-edge product. Anyone who has worked in IT for any length of time is very gun-shy about anything with a version number of either 1.x or x.0, and the more quickly Google can distance itself from that the better off it’ll be.

I like Chrome just fine. Chrome 2.0 actually ousted Internet Explorer 8 as my secondary browser a couple of months ago. Its only problem is the same problem it has always had – if you’re using a Web browser and you’re happy with that Web browser, there’s just not much reason to switch.