Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marginalia 9.10.09

GiraffeBaby1 TG Daily: Your game makes my Xbox freeze! WAAAAAHHHH!

Joystiq: This is probably the best DRM I’ve ever seenArkham Asylum players who pirated the game will see Batman get killed by poisonous gas at a certain section of the game.

Destructoid: For those who had their doubts, Microsoft recently announced their intention to squeeze every ounce of pulp from the Halo franchise, leaving it lifeless and despised.

Destructoid: Toys R Us cannonballs into the used games market; publishers declare open season on all giraffes, ever.

GameSpot: Former president and CEO of Sega of America Peter Moore remembers the unfortunate case of the Dreamcast.

Giantbomb: In memory of the Dreamcast, Giantbomb looked at 9 of its landmark titles, including a typing mod for House of the Dead 2 called The Typing of the Dead.  It might be the most hilarious game ever.

Gamasutra: Warner Bros. just created DC Entertainment, a company dedicated to the proper use of DC properties in games, movies, etc.  I can't see this as anything but a reaction to Disney's recent purchase of Marvel.  Copycat!