Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marginalia: 9.1.09

Is it just me or does Iron Man look like he's going to eat Captain America? Joystiq: The Wii Internet Channel is now free, and made more useful by the inclusion of a stripped-down version of Flash. Not only that, but anyone who paid for the browser is being given a credit good for one NES game. It's nice when, every once in awhile, a company does something nice for the people who keep it afloat.

Joystiq: DSi-only games are rumored to be on their way, which makes me wonder why companies always seem to insist on fracturing their userbases halfway into a console generation.

GamasutraI: Beatles catalog rights-holders are going to make out pretty nice because of this whole Rock Band thing.

GameSpot: An Okami sequel headed to the DS?  Genius.

Kotaku:  An insightful piece by Leigh Alexander on the industry’s lack of creativity.  My favorite part is where she gets a guy who worked on the new Wolfenstein to say that “we continuously make the same games about the same things.”

GameSpot:  In case you hadn’t heard, Disney acquired Marvel for $4 billion.  You can now begin imagining your favorite superheroes fighting Daffy Duck in the next Kingdom Hearts game.