Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marginalia 9.17.09 – I Can’t Wait for Scribblenauts to Get Here Edition

watermelon-3 Destructoid: Writing "sambo" (apparently racist slang for a black person) in Scribblenauts spawns a watermelon. Ragers, start your engines.

Destructoid: A six-minute tour through the making of Halo: OMFG. Highlight: dual wielding was expunged from the game because a lead dev didn't like it.

Joystiq:  Over the weekend someone leaked the complete list of words for Scribblenauts (not to be read if you plan to enjoy the game, I think) - at least they THOUGHT it was complete.

GameDaily:  I'm making an executive decision here, people.  We do not need a True Blood the Game.  Vampire-novel-series-into-goofy-slash-dramatic-TV-show is more than enough for one IP.

Gamasutra: Sony's answer to iPhone games (dubbed "PSP Minis") look to have restrictions as stringent as those originally on the XBLA Arcade.

Gamasutra: Someone's suing Sony Online Entertainment, Turbine, and ActiBlizzard simultaneously over patent infringement.  Uh...good luck?