Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marginalia 9.24.09

i feel calmer just looking at screenshots of dyson Local favorite Dyson will see a formal PC release on Oct. 20.  They're also holding a naming contest - apparently name-dropping a theoretical physicist isn't going to move units.

Destructoid: Something useful comes out of TGS: Splinter Cell: Conviction gets a release date.

Destructoid: Resident Evil 5 might be getting motion controls for its PS3 iteration. While this worked well for Resident Evil 4, I'm not sure anything can save this one.

Destructoid: Assassin's Creed 2 gets pushed back for the PC until 2010. PC says it's okay; it has other things to do, anyway. Like Mark's party. Man, Mark's party is going to be so cool.

Joystiq: Coming soon, enjoy the lifelessness and sterility of Playstation Home on your PSP! Thanks, Sony!

Gamasutra: Some plane game called F.A.S.T. moves 400,000 units on the iPhone. Don’t look up what F.A.S.T. stands for. You will only be disappointed.