Friday, September 25, 2009

Marginalia: 9.25.09

the-last-guardian_sad-eyesGamasutra:  If you own a Wii and have been hemming-and-hawing about the cost of the Wii Motion Plus peripheral, check this out.  Nintendo’s bundling Wii Sports Resort and TWO of the upgrade dongles for just $59.99.  Looks like Nintendo has a heart, after all.

Giantbomb:  The only way I could be more excited about The Last Guardian is if I actually owned a PS3.  Ah well.  I’ll have to settle for adorable new trailers and interviews with Ueda.  Epic says they’ve made significant progress on Unreal Engine 4 but will keep it under wraps until the next console generation.

Kotaku:  Sony’s pulled the plug on a program to give UMD owners PSPgo-friendly digital copies of their worthless cartridges.  Something like it may show up in the future.  But for now, Sony’s content to piss people off.