Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marginalia: 9.29.09

Uhh... Joystiq: Crazy things a-happening in the Xbox Marketplace! First, the first installment of Fable II, the retail game that is now an episodic game, is being offered for free. I am going to say it preemptively: that's where they get you.

Joystiq: And the promised Left 4 Dead (1) downloadable content is more expensive than Valve said it would be. LET'S ALL POINTLESSLY BOYCOTT IT YOU GUYS.

Destructoid: Crytek is going to make Crysis happen. In real life. Cloaking and all. In the UK. I'm with DToid's Aziz on this one: um, what?

Destructoid: Calling Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy a fan-made movie belies the shocking quality of this 70-minute film. Fan or no, you really need to check this out.

Gamasutra: Another in-depth piece, this time on the nigh-impossible task of making commentators in sports games not sound lobotomized.

Joystiq:  A MechWarrior movie?  Sure!  Why not?