Friday, September 4, 2009

Marginalia: 9.4.09

I wonder if you can play as a blind public television host. Joystiq: Our first look at some Bioshock 2 multiplayer. Insert snarky comment here, I guess?

CNN Money: Harmonix has a real rags-to-riches story. If "riches" had a superlative, I'd use that word instead.

Gamasutra: is apparently going to do things that Xbox Live can only dream of, says Blizzard's Greg Canessa in the first salvo of what is likely to become a dick-waving contest of previously untold proportions.  This is made even better by the fact that Canessa helped created Xbox Live in its current incarnation, more specifically creating the Xbox Live Arcade.

Kotaku: Closed beta registration for Star Trek Online is now online.  Commence mass trekkie freakout.

Gamasutra:  Remember that awesome Mechwarrior trailer from a few months back?  Looks like legal troubles may prevent that game from dropping anytime soon.

GameDaily: Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida admitted that Sony was slow in getting PS3 online functionality up to snuff.  Sony’s being owning up to a lot of mistakes lately.