Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pod Shot: Do An Ollie On This Guy’s Face

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The Pod Shot turns 21 this week, old enough to buy your sister Bartles & Jaymes and make some sugary-sweet mistakes. Oh yeah, and that guy Rob is back!

Rob brings with him a love of Halo very nearly as intense as his former hatred of same, but we still like him anyway. We also discuss the Dreamcast’s legacy, make fun of Tony Hawk (right) and his skateboard games, dwell on the iPod Touch’s new status as a Gaming Device, and tell Rob that yes, you can replace an Xbox game’s music with your own music, and you have been able to do it for quite some time.

Music this week is That Song From Castlevania from the original NES Castlevania. Something’s gotta get me out of my Super Mario RPG rut, dunnit?