Saturday, September 19, 2009

Power Struggle

if i could only buy the water worksHere’s some light Saturday reading for you: a New York Times piece about the rampant energy usage of consumer electronics, a category that includes the omnipresent iPod, the recession-proof flat panel TV, and that bleeping, blinking menace, the home video game console.

The piece’s writers and oft-mentioned “energy experts” claim that regulations such as those mandated for refrigerators and washers in the early 1990s are the only way to correct the problem. Manufacturers are mostly unwilling to comply, with their legions of lobbyists citing increased prices, a slower pace of innovation, and “[reduced] consumer choice” as their main complaints. Have you ever been into a store to look at TVs? Only difference between any of them is the name written on the bottom – what choice am I missing out on?

The most interesting statistic cited? Apparently, the United States’ gaming consoles cumulatively use as much electricity as the city of San Diego. Headshot.