Friday, October 2, 2009

Marginalia: 10.2.09

I refuse to google image search "penis monster" again. Gamasutra:  How can you make a movie about a game whose main mechanic empowers people to create whatever the hell they want?  Just ask EA and Twentieth Century Fox.  Coming soon to a theater near you: Spore 3: Revenge of the Penis Monsters.

1UP:  Indie brawler/FPS Zeno Clash comes to XBLA courtesy of Atlus.

GamespotWiis are bricking?  Is the sky also falling?  Is it 2012?

Game Informer:  Some behind-the-scenes notes re: Arkham Asylum.  Lots of numbers and cool tech specs.

Kotaku:  Don’t expect Phoenix Wright to enter the Wii courtroom any time soon.  The devs are committed to the DS.