Monday, October 5, 2009

Marginalia 10.5.09

i tried to find a picture of him making out with a contestant but i couldn't. just try to picture him doing it. Giantbomb: This Family Feud game is hilariously clunky and busted, but it looks like a whole lot of stupid fun.

Kotaku: Nintendo lifts the curtain on its new "kind mode," the computer-assisted Super Guide that will help casual players navigate the tougher levels of New Super Mario Bros.  So if this patent came true...does that mean we'll be seeing that blow-up peripheral?

Gamasutra: Why Scribblenauts is even better when toddlers help you solve the puzzles.

Destructoid: Valve will spend $25 million advertising Left 4 Dead 2. That's more than double the previous game's ad budget.

Gamasutra: Halo: ODST manages to crack the Japanese top ten. At number nine, it's a far cry from Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver, which occupy spots two and three, respectively.

Joystiq: Apparently universally scathing reviews of your new gaming platform make it hard to sell at list price.