Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marginalia 10.7.09

Kotaku: The Christian Science Monitor is wincing over the recent revelation Modern Warfare 2's devastation of Washington, D.C.; they're just bitter they're not in print, anymore.

: A Microsoft exec says the Natal will be priced "like anything else." He should be more specific. "Anything else" encapsulates everything from hot dogs to Bose headphones to cocaine. I hope it's not as expensive as Bose headphones.

Gamasutra: Go figure, people decided to invest in the immensely successful PopCap. Maybe Bejeweled can get us out of this recession. At least one retailer is pretty sure the PSP Go, once full of promise and hope for the future, will fail miserably.

Joystiq: U2 sez Me2! to the prospect of being in a plastic guitar game. Everyone who said that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was the biggest pile of shit ever had best be ready to revise their opinion.